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The Company was started by Natalie Aynsley in June 2011

She started supplying party bags as a creative hobby to friends, family and to parents
through a facebook page she had set up. It was just supplying the usual themed party bags
like Princess, Pirate, Soccer etc. and pre-filling them with items she was buying from her
local discount shops.

After a short space of time the Company’s reputation for reliability and cost soon spread and the
Company received it’s first enquiry from a large local play centre who were looking for a
new supplier.

After securing regular business for several months from a handful of Play Centres,
the Company started looking for ways to improve products and get an edge over the competition.
We looked at ways to brand the party bags for individual customers needs as this was a question
from customers that was getting more frequently asked, but upon initial enquiries with the
bigger printing companies it was made aware that the costs were too high to set up the
procedure and the quantities were too excessive for the single or small multiple operators
to justify in initial outlay and stocking of the products.

But without conceding defeat and months of investigation we found a unique way of printing
full colour onto a clear film which is then die cut and applied to the bags, this was a breakthrough
as smaller quantities could be produced and bringing the whole procedure in-house made it
possible to keep the costs and order quantities down for customers.

Now after investing in the printing equipment, in-house design and having a current production
capacity of 30,000 bags per month, Love Party bags is firmly stamping itself as one of the
industries leading suppliers of pre-filled party bags and the only supplier of small run branded bags.
We will continue to innovate through design and product and provide the best and most cost
effective solutions for our customers.

We welcome any feedback to help improve our service and products so please feel free to email
us at natalie@lovepartybags.com

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